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Année de publication: 2013
Editeur:Wagram Music
5 CD1 livret
Univers:M07 Pop - rock


Love me do - 1969 - I'm always in love - Coloured rain : album version - Smokestack lightnin' - Black tongue : album version - Home in your heart - Comin' home - A broken skeleton key - Mean ol' frisco - Me and Mrs. Jones - Would you be my love - Hideaway - Somebody that I used to know : album version - Hey, hey, hey - I'm a loser - So long my love - I Don't Care - What are you going to do with your life ? - Real wild child - Kelly, watch the stars ! - Let me ride - Lonely surfer (The) - Bertha Lou - Wonderwall - Requiem pour un twisteur - Rockaway beach - Every breath I take - Chameleon - My heart beat a little bit faster - Sweet home Alabama : album version - My name is trouble - Reggae got soul - Silver bells - I found you - Message of love - So sad - Narcissus in a red dress - Good lover - Rester au lit : remasterisé - Dr. Kaplan's office - Sweet nothing - You send me - Behold a marvel in the darkness - Cross road blues : take 2 - How do you spell love - More than this - Spanish boots - Courants d'air (Les) : album version - Rave on - Living a lie - Last thing on my mind (The) - Hippy's son : album version - These arms of mine - Blank generation - What am I to do - Hip hug-her - Sunday morning : album version stereo - Run for love - I'm so green - You've really got a hold on me - Sweet litte sixteen - Love tattoo - Mississippi queen - Sixty eight - Twist and shout - Grange (La) - Quattro - Zip-a-dee-doo-dah - Gimme some lovin' - Memoir - Cleo's mood - Hound dog - Right action - Zig zag wanderer - You don't have to be a tower of strength - King Kong - I hear voices - Baby, let me follow you down - Why do you let me stay here ? - Crystallized - It won't be wrong - Toxic - Crying - Take me to the river - They told me - Mr. Soul - What condition am I in ? - I wancha' to be sure - School's Out - Walk on the wild side - Make up your mind - Lets stick together - F.f.t.s. - Hitch hike - Heart of glass : original single version - Party kids - Hate the taste - No one ever tells you - He did it

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